Social Responsibility

Producers are responsible for the community they are working in; Since they thrive from the resources. Despite the traditional view, Organizations are not facing them, shareholders, only. They are accountable to the society in which they operate because they derive their profits from the human, natural and economic resources. 
MIHAN Co. is also a fully accountable company, And the response has maintained over the years and in his practice.
Our Social Responsibility, not only in terms of consumers of dairy products, which has become meaningful to the whole community. If companies were obliged to perform duties in return for the benefit of society, many of the problems caused by unemployment in our society would disappear. Building job opportunities for the public is what MIHAN has chosen fields as part of his responsibility to give something back to the community. For the purpose, There has been a great deal of work on job creation in cities such as Islamshahr, Robat Karim and Golestan. The 12000 employees in MIHAN are leading this sample. 
44 years have passed since the beginning of MIHAN’s activity and 12 thousand people have been joined us.
Overall, we have been able to combine the best quality of the product with the best quality of the distributions and serve our audience.
MIHAN’s the 10th ice cream brand in the world and this achievement would not be possible without your support.